3 Tips to Strategically Plan for Summer 2020 and Beyond

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The start of this new decade has been a whirlwind of change filled with challenges and uncertainty. Recent events have left many feeling anxious and confused. Having a plan instills a sense of safety and security when unexpected changes come. Planning brings people together to reflect on the past and focus on a positive future. Strategic planning is not only important for thriving organizations but can be useful at home, particularly when the workplace is combined with home life.

Tip 1: Recognize change and bring your team or family members together to brainstorm.

Identify the underlying issues and prepare to talk through them. Not everyone is comfortable with change. But, getting clear on your values and aligning them with your goals helps manage the discomfort.

Tip 2: Embrace change with a positive mindset.

Be the architect of your life. You can overcome negative thoughts and rise above your circumstances with the endless talents of the people in your circle of trust.

Tip 3: DARE to face the changes.

DECIDE, Be AWARE, RELATE and EDUCATE. Be a lifelong learner and take advantage of research, resources, and expert advice.

This webisode with Chandra Livingston brings to light some helpful tips for a summer like we will have never experienced before. We’ll discuss using new technology and thinking about innovation while keeping our communities and families safe.

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