Best Practices for Hiring Friends and Family

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When it comes to starting a business, one of the key factors is building a team to help cultivate and grow your business. These are the people that you may call your employees or those contracted to work for a limited time. We all know the importance of hiring the best staff to support your business, but in times like these, due to social distancing, safety and selection are both paramount. One of the solutions to that problem would be to hire those closest to you, who are – you guessed it – your friends and family. Here are three tips that may guide you in having a harmonious work environment with the ones you love the most.

Tip 1: Identify the priorities and needs of your business.

Start by figuring out what necessary but repetitive tasks are taking you away from more important needs and learn how to delegate effectively. Most importantly, apply those tasks to a person’s best or natural abilities.

Tip 2: Assign a job title.

The assigned task must be attached to a job title and supported with an employee handbook. One reason would be to have a well defined description and general market value for that specific job so that you can properly compensate staff.

Tip 3: Decide between employees or contractors.

Figure out what role fits best in accomplishing your accounting and tax goals and what you can handle as far as payroll and general administration.

This conversation brings to light some helpful tips you might consider. We’ll discuss ways to sustain your business tapping into the skills of friends and family. .

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