Company History

After 20+ years of serving various organizations as a financial operations professional, It’s Your Time to Flourish, LLC was founded in the Spring of 2020 by Chandra Livingston.  Three years before, Chandra was working as a management consultant for a large charter school system when a major hurricane shifted her role from audit preparation to managing the distribution of a $4.3 million dollar disaster relief fund to over 800 families. During this time of hands-on engagement, Chandra worked with a team of dedicated counselors and school administrators across 17 campuses to award hundreds of families their disaster aid packages. This experience was truly transformative as we witnessed firsthand the joy, gratitude, and sheer power of a “whatever it takes” mindset.

Chandra’s creative and engaging leadership style resulted in the efficient procurement and disbursement of many forms of aid, including furniture, appliances, gift cards, building materials, college tuition, household goods, healthy food, and clothing.  More specifically, her compassionate leadership style, coupled with the brilliant design of an efficient needs assessment and procurement protocol system, resulted in her earning an Unsung Hero award.  

After serving nights and weekends for an entire year until the last family was served, Chandra made the decision to leverage strategic alliances with skilled and highly capable management consultants, licensed professionals and community leaders toward the goal of expanding her holistic business advisory, accounting and management consulting practice to include self-leadership coaching and disaster recovery services that support her passion for helping people to become compassionate self-leaders, confident decision makers and healthy living trailblazers.

What makes us Eager for Each New Day

It’s Your Time to Flourish seeks to champion ecosystems of vibrant, self-aware collaborators, resulting in flourishing and mission-focused corporate cultures. Simply put, our passion is to serve as a transformative, inspiring and caring force for positive change from the inside out.
This is our dream job and we are excited for the opportunity to be of service to you at this moment…It’s Your Time To Flourish !!

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