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Are you working at home? It seems we’re all trying to adjust.

The playful kiddos, the lovable barking of pets, not to mention outside distractions if you live in a bustling urban hotspot — all of it can be a lot to handle when you’re trying to be productive. But, despite the “new normal” that everyone is trying to get used to as we hunker down, here are some suggestions to stay sane and productive.

Tip 1: Create a dedicated space

Chandra Livingston, Managing Director of It’s Your Time to Flourish, LLC, joins the Table SALT Group to have a conversation about 3 Tips to Working From Home (WFH). One, create a dedicated space so that you can get in the zone and set some boundaries. That may not be the easiest thing to do if you live in a smaller area such as an apartment or with a house full of people, but it is manageable.

Tip 2: Use technology for effective time management

Speaking of manage, you can adopt some time management techniques with several apps to simplify your lifestyle. Discipline is the first step, so even without an assistant to step in as gatekeeper, friends, family, and coworkers respect your time.

Tip 3: Create social boundaries

These are important when physical boundaries no longer exist in the form of office space or your favorite coffee shop corner. Most of us are being put to the test in all aspects of our relationships. This notion of limitation helps to better handle conflict and can build healthier connections. It involves learning about your personal values and being more self-aware with some helpful tools and techniques.

Check out the video on this new vlog series. We hope you enjoy this installment of 3 Tips for Leadership and Business Development.

Authors: Chandra Livingston and LaRachelle Smith

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