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Chandra Livingston
Inspires Transformation

Chandra is an organizational management consultant and transformational self-leadership coach and speaker with a reputation for capturing the hearts and minds of people from all walks of life.

The convergence of her deep experience as a corporate financial manager coupled with her natural ability to cultivate genuine rapport results in authentic and inspired transformation from the inside out. Chandra’s central message is simple, yet powerful: “There are no under- studies for your life, so it’s your time to step into the spotlight of your purpose and use your skills and talents to do more of what you love to do while doing what you must more joyfully.”




Passion = Rocket Fuel
For Your Success!

People really enjoy the engaging atmosphere Chandra creates as well as her enlightening question and answer sessions. She believes in the power of intention and has a reputation for inspiring people to recommit to a healthy lifestyle and often incorporates wellness strategies into her message customized for the occasion.

In her inspiring keynote speech, Chandra reminds us that we all have the power to transform our habits and ways of thinking to harvest our BEST LIFE ! Her desire is to help people create impact in the global community stemming from a life of vitality and purpose-filled living.


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